Elemental Move for Corporate Culture

Enhancing the togetherness of teams, creating common ground and strengthening defined values. 

Finding Common Ground

My method of Elemental Move is created out of my 20 years of experience with group dynamics, communications (internal/external, verbal/non-verbal) and body movement in various forms as a tool for team building.

Your Values transported through Movement

I’ve been working for years with corporate executives. Possible scenario: you are in the middle of restructuring a division, a team or just want to implement a new approach. You will receive a questionnaire from me evaluating the status quo and defining the goal. Together we settle a strategy. 

In Medias Res

The process naturally involves all of the team members. Additionally we can set up individual sessions for each participant upon requirements. We have defined the goal. The more open you are on how we get there the better the outlook on the results is. As in all teams it will be an organically driven process which allows the team members to find their place within the team. Our focus will be on the goal throughout the process. 

Wrapping it up

The last step will be evaluating the new look and feel of the team. Feedback is important in order to see and feel what has been and in which form it has been integrated or if further adjustments are needed.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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