Yet again I had the opportunity to realise how blessed I can consider myself to not be stuck in the hamster wheel of the corporate world. 

Still I wonder how it is possible for humans to let themselves being exploited in such an inhumane way. The desire of becoming somebody, getting somewhere, achieving something seems to create an unescapable illusion. It brings those who fall for it far away from themselves… not only from their core values and desires but also from their core needs.

Recently and for a very short moment I was doubting that what I do and how I live is ‘worth’ enough. But what does that even mean? Who defines what I do and who I am is ‘enough’? Who makes the rules? …. only me towards myself.

I am still part of the corporate world (with my company) but my rules apply. And those rules are very easy. Mindful communication, respecting each other and of course delivering what was agreed in the best possible version. 

It is that easy. No games. No bullying. No disrespectful behaviour. 

The result: I am free and am able to make my own decisions each day. The responsibility is not less but solely for myself and the people I CHOOSE to work with.